About Travel Baseball Central

The idea…build a one stop shop that centralizes information to ‘Help Organize Travel Baseball’ a better option than the 100’s of old bulletin boards and Facebook sites being used today.

Travel Baseball Central is a custom website built specifically for Travel Baseball that provides parents, coaches, tournament organizers, academies, instructors and just about anyone that has anything to do with Travel Baseball, a one stop shop for sharing and finding information. Launched in Georgia in early 2016 after 2 years of development, the site lists tournaments, tryouts, academy profiles, baseball camps, teams, coach and instructor profiles, baseball fields, events, and reviews and ratings on everything. The site is also home to an active discussion board.

The key…advanced search capability, a super friendly user interface and lots of money and time to pull it all together and spread the word.

Who we are Not

We are not a travel team, an academy, an instructor, a tournament organizer, a retailer, a facility operator, or an umpire.

It’s all FREE, how do we make money to support the site?

We plan to begin offering advertising in 2018 for baseball businesses interested in branding throughout the site based on our user’s location.


Facebook: @travelbaseballcentral
Instagram: travelbaseballcentral
Twitter: @travelbaseballc