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Training Legends Tournaments

This past weekend we played in the TL Tournament hosted at about 7 different parks around North Atlanta. This was only our 2nd time in a TL Tournament and I have to say, they did a fantastic job. With the bad weather rolling in we wondered if we would get to play and what kind of communication would come from them. They were spot on with emails and texts regularly letting us know the status of the fields. They took a little long to update the website with the new times, but we received plenty of notice via email. Unfortunately they had to cancel the SILVER Brackets entirely because they simply ran out of time and field space. However, they provided a CREDIT to the teams that didn't get to play, which I believe was about 20% of the teams. In all the years I've coached Travel Ball I've never had one of the big 4 (USSSA, TC, TbS, PG) offer any kind of credits due to rain outs. Only if we didn't get to play at all. Not to mention, the TL staff did a great job getting 80% of the teams on the field to finish their respective Brackets. This is rare in itself as usually the tournament groups just want to take the money and run. We were very pleased with the Training Legends event, would recommend them to others, and look forward to playing more. Thanks.
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