We encourage everyone to participate in our travel baseball discussions. Remember, mentioning travel baseball players in the bulletin boards is not permitted and neither is profanity. Please keep it positive. Realize that young baseball players can view these forums too. Please help us police the forums and use the "flag" button to report any travel baseball discussions not worthy of being posted to Admin. Please use the appropriate discussion categories. All posts are reviewed and approved by admin...expect a delay.

ATTENTION, Admin has DELETED all 'Tryout' related posts from the general discussions....

The premise of the entire site is to allow users to 'search' for tryouts, teams, coaches, events, fields and more using advanced search criteria found on each page, rather than scrolling through pages and pages of forum posts to find information.  The site is operating nationally now so unless you're providing information on national teams/tryouts in the forums it will not make sense to post tryout information in the forums area.   

We've DELETED all prior 'Tryout' related posts in the forums and recommend strongly that managers and coaches setup their Teams...then Tryouts....under the appropriate pages so users have a lot of quality information to make decisions from.


TBC Admin  

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