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Velocity and Arm Health


I am pleased to inform you that we have revamped our Ignite Power Pitching
Program for the summer. The Summer Program begins on May 23rd. It will run
for 8 weeks. We have added the ability to train and play for a summer team
by making some adjustments to the training days. We will also be focusing
on command sessions and bullpen work. Also this summer will include written
workout plans for each athlete in order to gain strength as well as
maintain throughout the summer. The summer program is extremely beneficial
if you are looking to play at the next level while eliminating your arm
pain. We have trained over 200 athletes and helped all of them eliminate

Summer Program Price:
4-Week: $500
8-Week: $900

FS Team Members: 8-Week $600

If you are looking to develop into an athlete scouts are looking for give
us a call, 404-558-8914 or respond with your name and which program you
would like to register for.
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