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2019 Copperstown Certificate Needed

Willing to rent for 1 year/buy a 2019 certificate to take our boys next summer to dreams park in 2019.  Please contact me at jessica.fuentes72@gmail.com 
Thank you, Jessica (Florida Chargers)


  • Looking for a 2019 certificate to take our boys. Willing to give back after we play. Please email me at jjcc376@aol.com
  • I have one but my son would need to be able to go as well. His team decided not to go. Reach back out of intersted. 
  • If you want to experience Cooperstown Dreams Park week like not many others, let me know.  My family has been in the town for over 75 years.  I have one of the best Cooperstown rentals in the area.  Plus, it has a pool, 7-8 bedrooms, 6 baths, Game-Room, Sleeps 20, and the word "perfection" is used in most of my all 5-star reviews.  Even if you don't rent one of my two houses, the other has a stocked fishing pond, 5-7 bedrooms, sleeps 10-16...I will tell you great things to do, places to see, where to eat...I know, you think it's all out on the internet, or the people who've been there before....trust me...there is much more.  You won't have to pay the "added fees" by going direct.  It can save up to $500.  Email me at homerunofahouse@___    gmail.com  (you don't need the ___)  Thanks, Matthew  P.S. Tell me how many adults (couples, single adults, and kids you are having stay at the house.  And, what you are looking for.)
  • Seeking ticket to Dreampark 2019.  email me mmoc7@hotmail.com 
  • Seeking ticket to Dreampark 2019.  email me mmoc7@hotmail.com 
  • Seeking ticket to Dreampark 2019.  email me mmoc7@hotmail.com 
  • Please help our New Jersey Boys experience Cooperstown Dreams Park 2019
    Text me at 908-278-2517
    Thank you, 
  • Still need a CDP Cert? Call / Text 770-630-5239
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