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Wood Bats

I thought I'd share what our coach recommended on the Wood Bat topic for the benefit of other 13u parents.

"For this tournament, we'll get a couple drop 5 wood bats to share and we'll hope they don't break....they have a little smaller handles to keep the weight down vs. traditional wood bats but that means they break easier too.  

Wood bats are recommended for batting practice going forward as 1.  They teach them to hit the sweet spot(missing the sweet spot they will 'feel' when using a wood bat more than metal)  2.  They are heavier so they build a little more muscle.  3.  By their 15u season they will play several wood bat tourny's and by 16u almost all the bigger tourny's are wood bat.   

Traditional wood bats run about $89-$120 and they are typically drop 2 or drop 3...some are drop 4's.  I recommend you start with 31 drop 3 or 4 now....and they can use them for BP and maybe even in the upcoming wood bat tourny if the drop 5's the team buys break.  

By Fall season, you'll need to buy a drop 3 BBCOR metal, probably in a 31 or 32 inch, as drop 3 BBCOR's are mandatory at 14u at all tourny's and in high school ball.  They are 'dead' and a lot like wood bats....the boys only have a couple months left to use the hot drop 5 super orange bats....no more HR's and no more fly balls that go over the outfielders heads with BBCOR's.  

I'd put a lizard skin bat wrap on the wood bats and if they want to get pine tar...just say NO...it's just a mess to deal with."



  • Should an 8U player use a wood bat in the cages on a regular basis?
    If so please recommend type.
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