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Upper Class Yucee's 9U, 10U Try-Out

Yucee Sports is holding a try-out for 9U, 10U baseball team. All positions welcome. We are going to be filling 5-6 spots on the 9U, 10U roster. 

Try-Out is FREE!!!

Try-Out date, Saturday, August 11th at 9:00am in San, CA. (more info once you sign up)

We are looking for a community and a team filled with good, positive parents who will support and respect the program. 

Your player will improve in all aspects of the game. Character means more that wins and losses. Players will learn to play ALL positions. Yucee Sports staff will bring a positive and fun presents to every practice and game.

Please sign up for the 10U try-out on the Yucee Sports Website, yuceesports.com/teams (Go to the bottom of the page and click the button, Join Our Team)


Contact by email: 

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