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President's Day Challenge 2019 at Historic Dodgertown!

At a time when most of the nation is frozen, Vero Beach offers refreshing mornings and sun-warmed daytimes for nearly perfect playing conditions. Teams will compete at Historic Dodgertown and other well maintained regional facilities during this three-day event. This tournament is always something to look forward to, with over 70+ teams coming out from all over the country in 2018! We even had a couple teams from Canada join us in this tournament last year! We invite you to get away from the cold, come join us and get an early start on your travel ball season by participating in this tournament. Come see how you stack up against teams from Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Canada, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York and maybe even teams from different states this coming President's Day! All the states/countries listed above all brought teams to this tournament in 2018. It is one of our most sought after tournaments and always brings in many teams from across the country. Why not join us and be another one of those teams on the list? Look forward to seeing you! 

*We encourage all interested teams to register and book your accommodations well in advance because of the high volume that we tend to bring in with this tournament.*

Tournament Information

Age Divisions: 9U,  10U,  11U,  12U,  13U,  14U,  16U,  18U 

Team Entry Fee 9U-12U: $550
Team Entry Fee 13U-18U: $650

**Games to be played at Historic Dodgertown and off-site regional facilities.**


  • Four game guarantee, pool play to Championship play
  • Major League quality fields
  • Umpires
  • Game Balls
  • Team and Individual Awards to Champion and Runner Up in each age division
  • Access to batting cages prior to games


Teams are invited to stay on-site in our Historic Dodgertown Villas, the same rooms that housed the Los Angeles Dodgers during Spring Training. If you choose not to stay on-site, there is a list of various approved partner hotels to choose from on our website (the link for that is below).


Historic Dodgertown also offers on-site meals in our dining room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be served based on your needs. Our dining room is located adjacent to our on-site villas for your convenience.
*Team packages are available.

For tournament information, please call the Historic Dodgertown Tournament Line at (772) 257-8541 or click on the link below.


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