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PA 12U pitcher looking for team going to Cooperstown this summer (2019)

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia area) 12U pitcher looking for a team going to Cooperstown this summer (2019).  Exceptional pitching skills for his age... Lefty, excellent mechanics, 65mph Fastball, wicked curve, scary knuckler.  Able to throw complete games.  Also plays excellent 1B and very good RF.   Able to participate in Cooperstown tournament week ONLY (already has other commitments for spring 2019).  Please respond if interested.


  • We are a Va team going to the Cooperstown Allstar Village week of 7/27-8/2 and are looking for 1 more pitcher to complete our roster. If you are interested in discussing this opportunity in more detail please contact me at (757)570-0119. Heidi- Team Manager
  • We are in need of a player/ Pitcher for the week of 6/8 in Cooperstown. I would love to talk and see if that works for you. 
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