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10u team looking for 1-2 more players

Freedom Baseball Club is a developmental youth baseball team out of Brea and will be playing as a 10u team for the 2019 spring and summer seasons. We are currently looking to add 1-2 players and are holding private workouts in the next 2-weeks to round out our roster. We’re looking for athletes with positive attitudes excited about baseball!          

  • We are focused on proper development and strategic tournament/game play. We view tournaments and travel baseball league play as a means to see and face good competition and compete at a high level. Although we compete to win, we do not have a ‘win at all cost’ mentality.  
  • Our program is all about balance and building athletes. In addition to regular field and hitting practices, we provide private pitching/throwing instruction from team pitching coach Josh Walker (D1 collegiate pitcher) and do weekly speed / balance training as a team at Athletes in Motion (AIM) in Brea. Josh Walker, Butler Bulldogs 
  • Baseball is FUN! We enjoy our families and do lots of team building, pizza/pool parties, beach training, etc. Check out our instagram page.       
  • Our fees are split monthly. Pitching & hitting instruction, field rentals, tournaments. Average monthly fees = $200.    

Our spring plan: Aside from regular practices and 2 tournaments / mo, we are competing in the Irvine Pony Open Division, essentially a mini-league for travel ball teams. One weeknight game and one weekend game from March — May, with options to have up to 3 weekend BYEs reserved for tournament play. I will be posting our full schedule soon. 

Please contact me for a tryout. 

Alex Ribble
(714) 476-7100 

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