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OC Kings Baseball is accepting 5th thru 7th graders for the spring season! Located in North OC.

11u and 12u players!
Contact: Gabe Tristan. Gypsysun714@hotmail.com

Check us out at ockingsbaseball.com
Instagram: @kings_baseball_
Facebook: @OCKingsbaseball

Kings Baseball Inc. is a skills development and team training program for the competitive baseball athlete that seeks preparation for a High School and College baseball career. We train athletes who compete at 10U-14U. The primary objectives of the coaching staff are to better prepare athletes for the next level, improve the quality of skills and make athletes mentally tougher. We currently have players at Mater Dei, Pacifica, Fountain Valley, Huntington Beach, Los Alamitos, Gahr, Oceanview, Edison and more

Our committed athletes are led by a staff of professionals that have competed at the next level and understand the little things that matter the most. Your athlete will be coached by a staff of experts with specific backgrounds and training ranging from strength and conditioning to masteries in pitching, hitting, and catching.

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