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Player Needed for Cooperstown All-Star Village Week 2 (Jun 8-14)

Irvine Rox Blue 12U based in Irvine, CA is looking to fill a open spot on the team. Will be going to the All-Star Village on Jun 8-14. If interested, please contact me at irvineroxblue@gmail.com.
Manager Gary


  • If interested, please contact me at irvineroxblue@gmail.com.
  • Hello coach

    I was checking through some blogs and found that you are going to All Star Village June 8, 2019. I am an umpire that is already approved for that week but do not have a team sponsor. I am available to be your umpire if you need one at a substantial discount from what you would be required to pay for not bringing an umpire. NO MONEY is due up front and I do not get paid until I meet you at the registration table as your umpire. 

    I have been umpiring at All Star Village for 7 years. The administration knows me very well. This is an easy way for your team to save a few hundred bucks. 

    I can be contacted at 516 808-0945

    Look forward to hearing from you. 

    Don Mormino

    “Donny Mo”

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