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Recruiting advice

My son plays for a top organization at the 17u level. He normally plays RF but they want him to do some relief pitching as well (he throws 89 from OF) and he’s only pitched occasionally. He is taking pitching lessons as his coaches have told him recruiting wise people see him having a future pitching (6’4” 170#) At our first two tournaments he did play RF but his batting wasn’t what it could be. This weekend we picked up a RF from out of state and my kid was benched. Now he’s listed as poss relief for this tournament but not sure if he will get to play. 

My question is twofold: first off he’s trying to get recruited and is open to looking at all levels of colleges. Academically he wants to study engineering. (Gpa 3.76 sat 1100 but retaking in fall. Honor level classes at a good HS. High honor roll) I am concerned we are going to top tournament and he’s not going to play. 

2. Is this a situation he should look at switching teams? I don’t wanna bail on a team but with a limited summer I don’t want him limited. I don’t have an inflated opinion of him but he’s gotten a lot of feedback that he has the tools to play in college. How is he going to get noticed if he’s not playing. 


  • Recommend taking things into your own hands and not relying on the teams coaches to promote him. Attend some broad regional showcases and most importantly go to the the specific colleges that fit what he needs/wants academically...on site at their camps in the fall where they can see him directly on their field.

  • Absolutely second coachtbbc. The teams are not there to help your son -- they are there to give him playing time so he progresses. Go to the school's camps that you are interested. Have him contact those coaches - start a dialog with them - find out when camps are. All these big tournaments are a waste unless oyu kid is throwing 90 mph no one is paying attention. Just finished 2 years on the circuit with my kid. He got recruited to a perfect spot for him - after doing the above. All the other stuff was a waste of money.

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