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13u & 14u Fall MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT in Maryland for Josh Hamer

Joshua Hamer passed away in a car accident on March 2, 2017. He was a sophomore and Varsity baseball player at the John Carroll School. The Josh Hamer Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up to honor the lasting legacy of Joshua Hamer, and to assist young Baseball Players attend the John Carroll School. It is a non-profit organization that's sole mission is to help players join the JC Patriots Baseball and greater John Carroll community. We are expecting some big name teams and organizations to be joining us for a great cause and great baseball.

Please consider joining us this fall in our 13u AND 14u weekend tournaments. Click here (use this link it hyperlink doesn't work: https://form.jotform.com/91613781272155) to register and see below for more details. You can also find the tournament listing on Travel Baseball Central's tournaments tab above.

For more information about the JHMSF please take a look at our website: https://www.joshhamerscholarship.org/

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