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Is your son the best player on his team?

East Cobb Astros Elite will be playing a combined 11U/12U schedule with 11U Major Players. We have a couple of positional openings for players who can also pitch. If you hit in one of the top four spots on an 10U Major team or played up at 11 this year because you thought you had to, we encourage you to sign up for a workout. 

Please register for a private, confidential tryout at http://www.EastCobbAstrosElite.com

You will receive a full-blown evaluation with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and tips for development. 

We have dozens of coaches asking us about/for players so even if the workout doesn’t result in a fit with Astros Elite, we could connect you to other developmental teams.

We have placed 10 players in last 14 days. No pressure to “sign quickly” or “no guest playing with other organizations”. No BS. Just baseball. You don’t know what you don’t know. Pick our brains.


  • Thank you for the many inquiries. This team is very selective and we have placed almost 30 kids to other teams in last 30 days. You may not make East Cobb Astros Elite, but we will give you an honest assessment and place you on a team that will maximize your son’s development.

    Any coach or organization that pressures you to “join now” or “sign this exclusive one-year deal where you can’t Guest Play” should be avoided. Why do you think they are doing that?

    If a team offers you a spot, consider your options and understand that you can delay your decision. By delaying, you may miss out on that team but as you can tell from all the posts, there are plenty of options.

    Play ball!


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