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Thoughts on bad umpire call during tournament

So, there is a runner on 3rd base with 2 out. Batter swings and misses and ball gets past the catcher a few feet. Umpire calls strike three and runner runs to first base. Catcher throws to first but short-hops the first baseman and gets away from 1st basement. Runner scores. Here is the issue... It was only strike 2. Our catcher would have never thrown the ball to first if the umpire did not yell, strike 3. The umpires meet and the batter goes back to the plate with a 2-2 count, but the runner was not sent back to 3rd base. They say the run counts. The next pitch is a strike and we get


  • Dropped third strike ump shouldn't yell strike three, ball is still live until catcher throws him out at first. So, ump screwed up there 2x. Should have put the kid back on 3rd, strike 2 and go to next pitch.

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