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Rock Solid Baseball 14u-18u Showcase Team Interest & Rock Solid Powered By Tucci Lumber

Are you looking to play showcase baseball and get recruited at the collegiate level? We are currently recruiting for our 15u-17u showcase teams for this summer and fall. Through professional instruction, our highly experienced staff, consisting of former professional and collegiate players, will give you the best chance to get recruited. We offer private evaluations and recruiting videos so you can email them to various colleges.

Another opportunity we are offering is our Rock Solid Powered By Tucci Lumber team which is bringing the best of the best together from up and down the East Coast. This team means you will be playing alongside some of the top baseball talent in South East NC. You will be coached by former collegiate and professional level players including 2004 World Series Champion Trot Nixon, former professional player Fletcher Bates (NY Mets), Pete Gilardo (Boston Red Socks), and Michael Rooney (Baltimore Orioles).

If you are interested, please contact us at:

Email: info@rocksolidteams.net

Phone: (910) 452-5838

Website: https://www.rocksolidteams.net/home

Location: Coastal Athletics Facility in Wilmington, NC

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