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Showcase Tournaments

Our 16u team has been running around Clemson, Nashville, and Greenville this summer, supposedly getting in front of college scouts.  Problem is we only see 1 coach at each location and I don't get the feeling they are really watching all 12 games over the weekend to find players.  I feel like we'd be better off just going to PG.  And of course contacting the college our son is interested in and going to their fall showcase.  Anyone at 17u and 18u have thoughts on this?


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    Titans Sports Academy is helping Travel Baseball Central put on a 35/10 Showcase on August 20th at Kell High School at 9 am. We only have 35 slots open to prospects. We already have ten colleges confirmed with four of them being Division I. You can go to www.titansnation.net and click on summer camps. At the bottom of the screen is the prompt to follow to register your son.

  • I am a former Division 1 college baseball coach and you are saying what a lot of parents are saying. You just have to do your due diligence on the programs and coaches. If coaches really have great relationships with these teams, that running around is not necessary. Also parents have to be honest with themselves and ask if my child good enough to good to those schools (grades, skill level, test scores, do those schools have players like my son, etc.) this will save parents tons of money/time. If you would like to know about other opportunities for fall/summer visiting schools, clearinghouse, etc. you can email me at jaysallstars20@yahoo.com. Good luck! 
  • Is it just about getting in front of scouts? Would having more scouts in the seats make it a better experience? What other things would you like to see at these events to make the experience better and more productive for the players and parents?
  • I am a former collegiate player, current showcase team coach and now a tournament/showcase director. Regardless of playing in showcases, your players should be contacting coaches and going to school specific camps/showcases. If you are looking to take the whole team to a showcase to get exposure then it is important to find events where coaches are being paid to attend. For example, In The Net Sports Complex, where I work has 4 collegiate showcases scheduled for 2019. There will be multiple coaches at each field who are being paid to attend the games and scout players. The teams attending will have the opportunity to play on multiple fields so that each set of coaches can see their players. There are plenty of showcases out there that follow the same strategy. I would be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you have. You can contact me at matt.perrotti@inthenet.com. 
  • As the father of a recently recruited DIII ball player we went thru all the showcases and PG tournaments etc etc. From my experience - find very small showcases with limited players and the colleges you are genuinely targeting. The big showcases may have tons of "coaches" from lots of colleges - but they aren't really looking for players. It seems they are getting a paycheck. Sure - they'll rush over if a kid is throwing 90 mph FBs - but everyone else can forget it. Ditto big tournaments like PG Atlanta. From our experience unless you are a pitcher with good stuff nobody is looking at you. Teams waste so much money going to PG events and PG "showcases" and getting listed in PG data base. The way to go is to pick the schools your kid is realistically suited for both baseball and academics. Contact the coach - go to his school's "coaches camp" aka try-outs. They will make you some kind of offer be in touch pronto if they have any interest at all. A huge showcase industry has grown up and it is horrific. A DI coach (at a camp) spoke to the parents and told them to stop racing around the country to all these tournaments. He said he has his own kids play American Legion ball right at home and they get plenty of competition. And then target the schools you want - go to their try-outs.

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