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Looking for a travel team to play for this coming season

I am looking for my son to use all his skills and abilities to showcase the action he came make as one of your new team player candidate. Knowing that it may be late or at a good time, I am hoping that I could allow you to think about ability for my son. If available please contact candlina@outlook.com/1-336-991-1645


  • age?  city?  state? region or general location? playing history?  all would be helpful
  • Looking for a travel ball team for my son for fall and upcoming spring within 60mls of our area. Son has a baseball central profile. He’s currently 13 and playing in travel ball team. Looking for a challenging atmosphere to further skills. Played 2nd mostly,center,LT,RT . Played since 4 y/o knows the game and hustle
  • We're currently looking for 3 players to finalize our roster. We will have a open tryout 7/14 F2 at the V-Plex in Villa Rica Ga. You can contact coach Rogers at 678-796-4551, or jrogers1730@gmail.com..... must contact Coach Rogers to preregister in the event the venue changes due to the weather....
  • Currently looking for 2 players to fill out our spring roster. Located north Louisiana. Email c3.smith.4326@gmail.com
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