Overview lists all tournaments(except USSSA), academies, instructors, retailers, camps, and baseball parks or fields in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee. The site also features a user friendly team opening/tryout listings module that works hand in hand with the team profiles, coach profiles, and many other details needed by parents to make good decisions about what team their player tries out for. The site uses advanced search and display capabilities that enables searches to be performed based on geography, competition level, age, openings, dates, and more. A unique feature utilized throughout the site is the ability for travel ballers to rate and review… everything, similar to Yelp and TripAdvisor. Users can benefit from the 1000’s of parents and coaches that have come before them. The discussion boards are another important feature of the site and are available on a local and national level. Soon, the site will offer team organization tools similar to TeamSnap or Eteamz and eventually we will develop the ability to host tournaments via the web. We are striving to fully integrate all the modules of the site to complete the vision of having a one stop shop for everything related to travel baseball.


Travel Baseball is comprised of a close-knit group and this is a unique website. We realize we are asking for a lot of personal details, but to complete the vision of creating a one stop shop for everything Travel Baseball, we think it is very important. The information will only need to be entered one time and will benefit you in a number of different ways throughout the site (tryout contact info, tournament registrations, team page setup, coach profiles, discussion boards, communication of tournament results or schedules, and/or communications from your team, etc.) and we’re confident it will improve your travel ball experience for years to come. Additionally, the extra details will enable other users to benefit from your insights in the ratings and review areas if they know a little more about your perspective and experience. Once your account has been completely set up, your personal information will enable you to receive tournament updates when we begin hosting tournaments via the web and prepare you for tryout season by readying your contact information and player details. We and the travel ball community thank you for your registration and input. The site is powered by its users.


The coach module is designed to provide travel ball parents, other coaches, and tournament directors with all the information they may need for any type of communication or decision they are needing to make. Parents are often in need of contact information and want to educate themselves on a coach’s coaching history, playing history, philosophy, or sometimes just need to put a face with a name when determining where their child should tryout next year. Tournament directors often need coach information to confirm registrations, make schedule changes or determine a team’s fit for their tournament. A coach’s profile will help fill one of the information voids in travel baseball. Full and complete information will only make the travel ball experience better for everyone.


We have the most complete listing of fields you’ll find anywhere on the web. Our staff has attempted to load every park and field there is into the database, including 1000’s of high schools both private and public. Coaches select tournaments and many times don’t know what the fields and park has to offer until they arrive. Most parks are owned by a county and managed by a recreational league and board of directors and have websites, but lack important details needed by travel ball teams to make decisions before they arrive or even elect to play in a tournament. This centralized website that hosts user reviews and ratings, directions, pictures, and amenities helps fill the information void and improve the experience for everyone involved in travel ball. Please contact us if you see inaccurate data of any kind.


The Player module is designed to hold confidentially, a player’s experience, history, stats, contact information, and pictures for 2 reasons:

  1. To give parents a quick and easy way to share their sons relevant information with a prospective team’s coach prior to a tryout… to save both the parent, coach and player time.
  2. To quickly include the players basic information on a team roster for the purpose of populating the ‘team page’ to be used for scheduling, housing team contact information, blast texts/emails, etc.

Fill it out once and update it annually. The information is confidential and will not be given out for any reason without parent permission. Only players and parents are permitted to fill out and control the player information.


The team module attempts to improve the information void that exists in travel baseball by providing a standardized format for teams to list their contact information, history, philosophy, coaches, and even rosters… so other teams, tournament directors and prospective players have an understanding who they are playing against or perhaps trying out for next season. Once completed, team managers and coaches have the ability to sign up for tournaments with the press of a button… tournament directors will receive a link to their team listing and instantly have all the contact information they need to register the team and confirm. Setting up scrimmages will be a breeze when managers search and then contact teams marked as interested in scrimmages on their team page.


We offer standardized tournament listings and details to make shopping for tournaments quicker and easier. Advanced search and display combined with quick links to other information like fields and parks, coach, and team profiles and more should dramatically improve user experience. To get the ball rolling, our staff has spent 100’s of hours gathering tournament listings from the national tournament sponsors (Triple Crown, Perfect Game) in addition to over 80 regional and local tournament organizers operating in the initial 5 state region. We expect tournament organizers to ‘claim’ their tournament listings and continue to update them in the future. We hope you enjoy the one stop shopping for tournaments. We are certain this is the only site on the planet that lists ALL tournaments with complete and consistent details all in one spot. Soon, registration for tournaments will be as simple as sending your ‘team profile’ over to the tournament director via a quick link. In the near future we will offer tournament hosting via the web. If you are a tournament organizer, please contact us to ‘claim’ your listing or go ahead and add a new one to the list once you’ve registered yourself as a tournament director.


We have reached out to 1000’s of travel ball coaches and parents to spread the word about this site but understand that many have not transitioned their tryout listings over yet. The tryout listings, and the search and output capability has been greatly improved over bulletin board type listings. NEW to this module is the ability for coaches to require players to fill out and send over their player cards prior to a tryout so that the coach will get a look at each player’s history, pictures, videos, and physical features before the tryout. The preview process we hope will save both the player/parent and coach a lot of time prior to the tryout if both parties conclude the tryout will be worth the time. Likewise, coaches are encouraged to fill out their team and coach profiles so prospective players and parents will better understand who they could be living with the next 12 months.


Coming Soon…

Our staff has identified all academies and instructors in the region and provided a basic listing of their contact information so travel ball parents can easily find any and all academies and/or instructors. Most of the instructors and all of the academies have been contacted and asked to ‘claim’ their listing, just as businesses do on Yelp, to improve on the information we’ve gathered by adding photos, experience, specialties, and more. User reviews and ratings will be an important aspect of this module. If you an instructor or an academy, please contact us to ‘claim’ your listing or add a new one to the list.

Baseball Camps

Coming Soon…

Our staff has identified all major baseball camps in the region and provided a basic listing of each camp so users are made aware of camps in their area. The camp organizers have been contacted and asked to ‘claim’ their listing, just as businesses do on Yelp, to improve on the information we’ve gathered by adding photos, web links, history of the camp, and more. User reviews and ratings will be an important aspect of this module. If you are a baseball camp organizer, please contact us to ‘claim’ your listing or add a new one to the list.