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Interested in finding a baseball service provider or interested in advertising one? Travel Baseball Central allows you to search for baseball service providers by name, location, or by choosing the primary services such as indoor facility for training, manager of travel baseball teams, tournament organizer, baseball retailer, etc. Many details are provided and also quick links to the service provider’s coach/instructor profiles, travel teams they manage, or events they run.
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  1. Morgan's Next Level Training

    Kentwood, MI 49548 Primary Contact: Curtis Morgan
    Inception Date: 1990
    # of Teams: 0
    # of Instructors: 0

    Located in Grand Rapids, MI and founded by Curtis Morgan. His goal is to provide area players and coaches with a resource for evaluating and developing athletic potential with the primary emphasis on baseball and softball. The coaching staff has MLB or Collegiate playing/coaching experience and has a proven record in the baseball/softball community. A domicile dedicated to developing players of all age groups. The staff strives to help athletes reach their potential as ballplayers regardless of their ability, and…

  2. Major League University

    Peoria, AZ 85382 Primary Contact: Austin Byler
    Inception Date: 2018
    # of Teams: 0
    # of Instructors: 6

    Major League University is baseball's #1 youth developmental team comprised of current and former professional athletes looking to educate and equip the next generation. Our mission is to educate and empower youth athletes through the mental side of the game!

    We offer in-person and online individual training, team training, youth clinics, coaches clinics and collegiate peak performance training. Our athletes have incredible expertise on what it takes to get to the next level. We specialize in all…

  3. College Funding Experts

    Agoura Hills, CA 91301 Primary Contact: Mark Morton
    # of Teams: 0
    # of Instructors: 0

    College Funding Experts helps student-athlete families streamline and maximize the college entrance and financial aid process. With a focus on planning for federal, state, scholarship and grants, we partner with your family to achieve your college goals.

    The college enrollment process is a complex and daunting one. Our expert advisers will meet with you to discuss your options for your child’s college of choice while working with you to provide streamlined infrastructural and financial solutions that are…

  4. TrinityVR

    New York, NY 10010 Inception Date: 2016 # of Teams: 0
    # of Instructors: 0

    We provide a virtual reality based solution for training and developing batters.